Let’s evaluate the new features of Pokemon video game

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New aesthetic changes.

In addition to the fact that you get a whole new graphic look, as you’d expect from the more modern Pokemon game, you can also see major improvements in battle. Currently, the entire battle is animated, now you can see how your Pokémon literally attacks the enemy. Now the battle is still turn-based, however the new battle calendar can be a sight, especially for those who really see it.

Pokémon global link

The following is similar to the 4th Generation Global Shopping Center. This team allows you to trade Pokémon together with other players on the network, various new features, maybe you can get random games with avid players from all over the world. Now you finally have the opportunity to fight other live competitors, perhaps these are not your good friends on the Internet!


When accessed through C-Gear, you will travel with all your friends in your community, in a special area, and you will find Pokémon that did not originally belong to Unova. You and your friends can do side missions, fight, and trade!


Introduced from the second generation there was time, but after three generations we now have seasons. In general, the game does not cope with the use of real time, the time of year changes monthly and, therefore, during the year we will repeat the cycle three times during the season. Some Pokémon change according to the time of year, and certain places open during certain seasons. So as you can imagine, the look of the game changes with the season!

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Triple battle

One of the most popular updates to Pokémon Black and White is undoubtedly a triple battle. You may think it’s a crazy double battle, but we have a triple battle! Just like the name indicates that you use 3 Pokémon together. But there are some rules you must learn. The intermediate Pokémon can attack most Pokémon on the other side; although the Pokémon on the sides cannot attack the Pokémon on the other side.

Rotational battles

This is comparable to a triple battle, except that you are fighting for a turntable that allows the player to change their specific Pokémon from all sides, increasing the technique of the game, since it will be necessary to calculate what exactly the opponent can exchange. Pokemon go accounts free with and develop a plan for them.

Sport clubs

This would not be considered a Pokémon game if there were no gym and gym managers. In this video game we can see the 8 standard gyms, but the turn is that you can find eleven gym leaders that you can find, how is this for a new turn in the game? Those who saw Pokémon’s best wishes will find familiar faces!