Mercedes Benz S-Class – A Brief History of an Iconic Brand

Some brand names in the vehicle industry are so much a piece of our culture that we do not even have to learn them. Instead, they are already stored deep in our brains, alongside snippets of data and associations that tell us just what to think when we hear their name. Mercedes Benz is one such brand, immediately inferring that iconic logo, and reminding me of those luxurious Kompressors and absurdly elegant chauffeur driven saloons.

Set up in 1926, Mercedes Benz was actually conceived from a motorcycle, strange as that may seem to the car enthusiasts of today. That motorcycle, created by Karl Benz, soon changed into the creation of a petrol powered transport system the likes of which the world had never seen before. Having being formed so early in the development of the engine industry, Mercedes and Benz produced cars that by the present standards would be true classics, all moving bonnets, large lights and breezy scantily clad interiors.

Mercedes S Class

Finding a used Mercedes S Class of that ripe mature age is something rare, however younger vintage Mercedes-Benz can luckily still be found quite frequently. Models to pay special mind to during the distinguished life of the brand are the 1957 Cabriolet, perfect for vintage lovers who need a car to look conventional and suave, or even the 1993 first ever C-Class, great for experiencing that workmanship in an unobtrusive modern design.

Toward the start of the Mercedes Benz lifecycle, the two brands were arch rivals. Competing in quality and speed, they frequently ran against each other’s teams in races, striving to produce the best cars and win. Of course, it was soon realized that the very best car would just ever come from the two companies combined.

That merger did wonders for the companies – after all, it has survived this time! In 1930 they produced the 770 Grosser, with an absurd 7.8 liter engine that is huge even by the present standards. On the off chance that you search for a used Mercedes Benz and come up with one of those ancient beasts, snatch it with two hands – that is a rare and astonishing piece of history standing by to be brought! The modern cars, once the manufacturers have worked together for ages, are smooth machines, yet some of the underlying magic may have been lost.

Nowadays Mercedes Benz is a huge worldwide company, producing far more than cars. Those cars, however, are sleek professional beasts with a smug engine under the hood and an interior worked to match the prestige of those traveling in it. Whether used Mercedes Benz or new, these cars are the choice purchase for businessmen and chauffeurs the world around – which shows the brand are improving now than they were at their already auspicious start. With the combined logo mounting the hood in much the same estate as the Rolls Royce woman or the Jaguar puma, this is a top class brand with a since quite a while ago established reputation across cars, vans and that is only the tip of the iceberg.