Six Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House

When selling your house there are some things you can consider that may just make all the difference to that sale.


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Wrong Time of Year

Choosing the right time of year is regarded as a top recommendation for successfully selling your house. The the latest info on selling a house is that December is one of the worst months as people are usually taken up with festivities. Springtime is traditionally associated with being the best time to sell, with all the promise that comes with a new year and new beginning.


Not refreshing your house is another oversight. It is recommended that you look at it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Does the grass need cutting? Do the windows need cleaning or would the front door benefit from a fresh coat of paint? De-cluttering also shows your house at its best advantage and could encourage that sale.

House Agents

It might seem easier to enlist the help of that property agent around the corner for information on selling a house. But does your house fit their property criteria or will it languish at the back of their books while more premium properties get their full attention.

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Restricting Viewings

Viewings need to be available at the time that suits the prospective buyer. It can seem inconvenient, but once you have decided to sell you need to make it as convenient for your buyer as possible.

Not Considering Online Conveyancing Agencies

You need to shop around when considering conveyancing costs. If you decide to market your property through an online conveyancing agency, you usually negotiate a fixed fee. Some online agents even offer a no-sale, no-fee option. The benefit of this is that you will be able to set your budget, which is always good to know.

Agreeing a Sale

It might be attractive to go with your highest bidder, but you need to consider their position too. Are they in a property chain, for example, which could result in a break at any stage of the sale? Maybe it would be wiser to go with that first-time buyer who made a lower offer but has guaranteed funds from their mortgage provider.

There is no doubt that selling your house is a stressful time, but that can be reduced just by following some of these useful guidelines.