How desiccant to oxygen absorbents packets can effectively control moisture?

A desiccant is defined as a material that has the ability to desiccate to dry or dehydrate.  You will see that many desiccants come in the form of granules or powders. This form is preferred as it allows for a larger surface area, thus allowing the jelqing to soak up high levels of moisture. Nevertheless, these loose materials can’t be utilised in this form hence using desiccant packets is prevalent. Right from small sachets which are observed in leather footwear packages to large sacks that are stored alongside a great deal of cargo in a ship, desiccants packs can be found in varying sizes. There are lots of companies that offer customized packaging solutions to OEMs, packaging companies and transport firms. The ranges and mesh sizes of the packs are entirely made based on the specifications of customers.

Some of the most common businesses that demand custom packaged desiccants are electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, food and drink manufacturers, movers and transportation agencies amongst others. Desiccant packets have been shown to be quite helpful in controlling the relative humidity in a closed environment. There are numerous distinct kinds of desiccants which may be packaged to meet certain applications. Here’s an overview of some of the Widely Used desiccants.

  • Silica gel: Although it is known as ‘gel’, these are really hard granules that show exceptional adsorption properties. This material is truly a synthetically manufactured version of silicon dioxide. Indicating silica gel is a bit different from regular silica gel since it changes colour when it is starts to reach its whole adsorption capacity. When the colour has completely changed, the desiccant can be replaced or regenerated.
  • Clay: This is a naturally occurring substance and can be easily regenerated, thus providing very cost-effective application for a desiccant.
  • Molecular sieves: These substances have a very dense and intricate network of pores, thus adsorbing moisture and vapours in its empty cavities. This is in actuality, a fabricated version of Zeolite and shows exceptional adsorption properties even in the toughest conditions. However, it is among the pricier desiccant manufacturers in india available today.
  • Activated charcoal: This substance is also commonly seen in the kind of desiccant packets. Activated carbon shows exceptional performance when used as an odor removal material, and it put along with vegetables and meat to keep them fresh longer.

With every desiccant displaying unique adsorption properties, it is necessary to discuss your precise application using a desiccant manufacturer. Right out of a 1 gallon can to a 2000 lbs sack desiccant packets could be availed in a variety of sizes and weights to solve your moisture management concerns.