Analyze More About Black Gold Durian Review

The Yew family are known durian lovers. Didi who didn’t elaborate fruits’ King has been won over in the past few years. Based on their site, 8durian has their own durian plantation in Pahang, Singapore with state of the art technologies and superior tools like a great irrigation system, durable nets for durians to fall on, and organic fertiliserwith the ideal climate for growing durians from the mountainous areas of Pahang.They offer 3 distinct grades of durian in their site in increasing order of costs per kg.

  • Mao Shan Wang ‘A’ grade
  • Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA’ grade
  • Black Gold Durian

butter durian singapore

We purchased both thecae’ MSW and Black Gold for a Monday night delivery. We didn’t ask it although they promise a minute delivery to Midnight. May be a fantastic idea for fathers who should satisfy cravings of mothers.The durians came at a time that was Great just Dinner in two tightly sealed boxes. We took turns to breathe in the odour of the king that made the children go goo-goo gaga after poking a hole.But after it gained some warmth the flesh feels rougher than normal. The flavour is sweet but not the durian sweet kind that glides down your throat and melts in your mouth. You had to use your teeth to rip it clean in the seed. A disappointment from the A classification given.

We then moved on Into the Black Gold. Once we took and snapped a hole turns to take in the smell. I was greeted with a solid ‘gas’ odor that made durians being banned in MRTs and hotels! As I gave seed out into the children, I could feel the difference. The flavour is the bitter type that durian black gold fans. It leaves a strong in Craving for more. The texture is smooth and slick and I had to remind the children to hold if it slips their hands off. The flesh slips the seed off easily.