Act Now with Residential Proxy for Internet Security

If you want to surf anonymously online and protect your Identity then you will want to get some system to browse by proxy. Currently if you only open your browser and begin searching on the internet you will leave an enormous trail behind you leading back to your home to someone with the perfect resources. Now it may not seem a big deal to some people so what they say, what is the problem if you do not have something to hide’ but it really represents a massive risk to my identity that prefer to keep private online.

residential proxy

Let’s get one thing clear the World Wide Web is a great place but there are Some massive security problems with it, for example nearly all information which it sent and received for your computer is totally insecure and visible with residential proxy,  it is sent in clear text and is visible to anyone with a mind to intercept. In reality a new European directive has said that all logs of your web browsing, communication and emails ought to be held by the ISPs for a couple of decades. The UK Government actually need to store this information on a central database; of course it is all done from the causes of catching criminals, terrorists and such. We sacrifice our liberty and privacy for the small prospect of catching a terrorist that has been browsing extremist websites personally not too keen on this.

If we proceed from Authorities and Agencies spying on us there’s another incentive to browse anonymously there is an enormous sector out to track our internet browsing habits. The spammers, hackers and data and identity thieves are also equally as curious and eager to intercept our information and it is not so difficult to do in many instances as each and every website you visit will leave your IP address on  it is server logs. The IP address can really be tied down to your physical place quite readily.

So how do you browse anonymously and protect your identity on the internet. Well the frequently touted solution would be to use proxy that is to use an anonymous proxy to hide your IP address from the web sites you visit. The proxy is simply a server that forwards your requests to a website thereby maintaining yours confidential the only address left in the logs is that of the proxy server there’s absolutely not any connection to you.

Hereby lays another problem with all the thousands of people that have searched the web for anonymous proxy lists and used among them. This can actually be a much larger risk to your privacy many of those anonymous proxies are now traps set up by hackers or identity thieves. A server is compromised and a proxy support is installed and promoted on forums and lists then all of the information can readily be logged, that is your data passing through that proxy server.